Tired of using the same old, dull prize wheel? Want your prize wheel to stand out and grab people’s attention? You know, spice things up a bit?

Whether planning a corporate event, fundraiser, or just a fun gathering with friends and family, a prize wheel is always a great way to keep your guests entertained.

So how do you make one that stands out? And how do you create an experience people will remember?

From custom branding and sound effects to interactive games and unique prizes, these 20 tips will help you create a prize wheel people can’t resist!

  1. Company name: Make your company instantly recognizable with its logo or branding on the prize wheel.
  2. Bold Colors: Choose bright, eye-catching colors to attract people and make your prize wheel pop.
  3. Shed a little (LED) light: LED lights make your prize wheel shine and stand out in any environment.
  4. An Interactive Experience: Add games or challenges that people must complete to spin.
  5. Unique Fonts: Choose a fun and unique font that will make your prize wheel’s text stand out – don’t go overboard, as it still has to be easily readable!
  6. Add Sound Effects: Sound effects create a fun and engaging atmosphere. Plus, it’s an effective way to draw people’s attention.
  7. Themed Sections: Divide your wheel into different themed sections to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. Category examples include things like food, travel or entertainment – all things participants can play for and potentially win prizes related to those respective themes.
  8. Unique Prizes: Offer family-friendly prizes people can’t get anywhere else to make your prize wheel stand out. And have some fun with the graphics that go with those prizes on the wheel.
  9. Tweet It!: Add a social media component to your prize wheel with clips and pics on your social accounts. It’s highly shareable content that encourages others to share and post their content.
  10. Custom Graphics: Pair this with the first tip; custom graphics and designs make your prize wheel look unique, plus it’s an untapped branding opportunity for your company.
  11. Faster! Faster! Faster!: Increase the speed of your prize wheel’s spin to create a sense of urgency and excitement.
  12. Animated Graphics: Animated graphics will make your wheel more visually attractive.
  13. Add Video Screens: The same goes for video screens, except you can also use them to display information about the prizes or to add a layer of interactivity.
  14. Selfie Time: Create a photo op around your prize wheel with props or a backdrop so people can pose in front of it.
  15. 3D Printing: You’d be surprised what 3D printing can do. Use the technology to create custom parts for your prize wheel so you can go crazy with the designs.

And finally, have fun with your prize wheel and let your creativity run wild. Just make sure you use durable, sturdy materials and connect with a leading manufacturer who can customize your prize wheel over the phone or online.