Learn how to repair the most common issues that plague air conditioning systems. You don’t have to know every detail. But a familiarity with standard system problems will help you determine the best repair solution possible. That can save you the expense of a service call, especially in cases where a DIY approach may work after all. 

Check the Cord

It may surprise you that improperly plugged AC systems are a common problem. So, if your AC unit seems to be having trouble working, check the cord before you call a company that offers air conditioning repair in Peoria. If you have other people in the house, they could have dislodged the plug by accident. It won’t hurt to check. If you’ve plugged the unit properly and the issues disappear, the easy fix has worked. 

Check the Furnace

If there’s a problem, check the furnace. Set your thermostat to AC mode. Be sure to lower the temperature setting. Once you do that, did the furnace fan kick in? If that happens, the furnace isn’t the problem. Reset the furnace circuit breaker to fix the issue. If it still doesn’t start, you have no choice but to call for a professional to assess, diagnose, and fix the problem.  

Turn Off the Power

Always turn off the AC and furnace breakers before you move forward with the rest of the process. Disconnect or remove the access panel to check for damage. You can use a voltage tester on the wires that connect into the contractor to check if the power is really off. Power off is safer because it poses a lower risk that the power may turn back on while you’re tinkering with the unit. That could have fatal, disastrous results. That’s why it’s always one of the first things you do when you want to identify unit problems: turn off the power. 

Buy Parts

Check the condition of the unit. Look for any worn-out or damaged parts. You’ll want to replace those parts routinely. If you can’t remember the last time you did, then those part replacements are long overdue. Check the performance of the unit after that to see if replacing the parts has resolved the issue. Invest in quality parts to ensure a longer service life for your air conditioning system.

Replace Unit 

Repairs or replacements don’t always work, though. If the extent of the damage is extensive, replacements and repairs won’t do a thing in the long run. Repairs may be a stop-gap measure, but you’ll need to look for a new AC unit sooner rather than later. 

Install a Replacement  

Look for pros to install the new unit. Don’t use a DIY approach. It may seem cost-effective to handle it yourself. But mistakes during the installation process could derail the long-term performance of your air conditioning system. Get a professional to take care of the installation so that you can breathe easily. You won’t have to worry about making mistakes that could damage the unit for life.