Imagine earning “real” money without working yourself to exhaustion. Sounds unrealistic these days, right?

That’s not necessarily true with an ATM business. ATMs generate a steady income stream and don't require much maintenance. Plus, it's a scalable business that can offer a high-profit margin because it's relatively inexpensive and straightforward. 

Seems too good to be true, right? Decide for yourself with these 12 benefits: 

  1. Passive Income 

If the global pandemic taught us anything, it’s that you should diversify your income stream, whether it’s a part-time job or an online side hustle. However, unlike many of those gigs, this one requires a manageable amount of time.

  1. Low Maintenance 

New ATMs are built to last and require little to no maintenance, especially if you align with a company that will handle the maintenance issues for you. A warning: beware of buying used or cheap ATMs from an online market. If you're going to start with a used machine, make sure you're dealing with a reputable company that can provide you with the exact services you'd get with a new ATM. 

  1. Easy to Manage

Managing an ATM is straightforward. Your primary job is to make sure your machine is stocked with cash. (Here’s a pro tip: The more money you put into your ATM, the fewer trips you'll have to make to restock with cash.) And, regarding restocking the machine with cash, you'll receive a text or email alert whenever your machine runs low on money.

  1. Work from home

You should be able to access all information online (hence, another reason to buy a new ATM). You’ll also get an email or text alert when the machine’s cash is low or if maintenance is needed.

  1. High Profit Margin 

ATMs typically have a high profit margin. Your goal should be to make back your initial investment in six months or less. 

  1. Low Startup Cost

Starting an ATM business doesn't require a significant investment. You can start with just a few thousand dollars for a new machine, less for a used one – but prices vary. Work with a professional to gauge the model type suitable for your location, budget, and other needs.

  1. Recession-Proof 

The push toward a cashless society has moved much slower than experts anticipated. Translation: Even during economic downturns, people still need access to cash.

  1. Scalability

Start with just one machine and expand your business over time. You could buy a new or used machine as soon as the previous one has paid for itself in surcharge fees, then keep repeating that cycle as long as the workload remains manageable.

  1. Partnerships

Most banks, grocery stores, and shopping centers will already have an ATM on the premise. A new business, though, would love to have an ATM, especially if it's expecting moderate to high traffic. There are good reasons for that: People are more likely to buy something in a store if they have access to cash. You may have to pay a small commission to the store owner or landlord, but it's generally a win-win situation. 

  1. Support

Look for a company that specializes in ATM placement and management. As mentioned, companies like this provide installation, maintenance, and marketing support.